ABC Roofing Contractors Cut Roofs throughout Devon and Cornwall

Bespoke Cut Roofs are constructed from materials on site and not pre-manufactured.

When choosing between roof trusses or traditional rafters and roof framing, it is important to understand the differences. One advantage of roof trusses is that they can be less expensive as they are manufactured and shipped directly to the construction site for assembly. Once there, they can generally be installed within a day, keeping construction costs down. Cut Roofs are constructed from materials on site and not pre-manufactured therefore they do take longer to construct.

So why have a cut roof?

Cut roofs with traditional rafters allow more space underneath the roof and can be used to create cathedral ceilings or storage space within the rafters. They can also be altered or manipulated more easily later. If you are considering an attic living space in the future then a cut roof will definitely save you time and money later on.

Roof trusses or a traditional cut roof depends on what type of ceiling and roof are desired. There are also many different styles of roofing available and trusses or rafters may provide different solutions. ABC Roofing have constructed many cut roofs and have the knowledge and experience to be able to consult with you to help determine the best possible solutions for your roofing project.

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